I’m such a different person then I was when I first started this blog. When I started, it was about posting all my dorky videos and updating all my life stream followers when I couldn’t be on camera.

But I’m different now. I’ve grown up since then. I don’t make as many videos, but I watch a lot of videos. And maybe I’ll post those. And I don;t broadcast my life 24/7 anymore either. But I do love DailyBooth. And I do try to take a picture everyday. Maybe I’ll start randomly hoping on Ustream again. Who knows.

As far as the little things about me, Rachel sums it up best in a video she made me over 2 years ago. Oh yeah, I also made some of the most amazing friends over the course of my web life. I met some of my best friends, a pseudo roommate, and my soul mate. All because of this wonderful community that WE built. Because without all of us, none of these social networking sites would have gone anywhere.

So here’s Rachel’s Video.

What came before…

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